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Gibraltar Through My Eyes

Gibraltar Gibraltar is the peninsula off Spain.  However it is not actually territory of Spain.  Gibraltar is territory of the UK and has been longer then it was territory of Spain.  There are many interesting and unique things that you can find in Gibraltar.  The rock of Gibraltar is one of the pillars of Hercules,!  […]

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Spain Through My Eyes

Something About Spain Everyone sees a beautiful place in a different way.  There are the people who notice the architecture, the ones who see the flowers, others point out the animals, and then….there’s me.  Whenever people ask me where my favorite place I have visited is, I always say Spain.  There is just, something about […]

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Alma Flamenca, Malaga Spain

Alma Flamenca Ever since I saw flamenco for the first time I have been looking for another place to see the beautiful dance.  So I was thrilled when I found Alma Flamenca in Malaga Spain.  The reviews were high and so were my expectations, Alma Flamenca did not disappoint.  My first few steps into the […]

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