John Guitars Granada, Spain

Guitar Makers

Last year I started to play the guitar, I have been more interested in guitars since.  So when we were in Granada one day, I noticed the multitude of guitar maker shops.  I started to get curious and so I looked up some information about guitar making in Granada.  Turns out Granada is one of the guitar making capitols of Spain.  There are MANY guitar makers in Granada.  I was able to meet with one of the guitar makers, John Ray.

John is originally from Canada, he came to Spain when he was 23 to pursue his dream of guitar making.  He had many struggles trying to learn how to make guitars, but now he makes beautiful hand crafted guitars that anyone would love.  Read his story here.

One of his projects (besides guitar making) is this book.  It will be out soon, if you are at all interested in the art of guitar making make sure you check it out!

I loved Johns shop, the smell of the wood, wood shavings on the table, and pieces of guitars hanging around.  Guitar making really is an art, the practice and patience that guitar makers must acquire is beyond me.  John makes around one guitar a month and puts lots of work into each one.  Each is like a work of art, if I ever need a new guitar I know where I will be going!

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