Croatia Through My Eyes

The Importance Of Photography

About a month ago I did a post on Spain through my eyes, and a lot of you really liked it.  So, I decided I will start doing more Through My Eyes of some of my favorite countries.  Photography is SUCH an important thing.  You can put four people in one place and chances are, they will each notice different things that stand out to them. 

Through photography you can bring people into your world and show them what you see when you look at something, and that’s what I love about it.  Whenever my family goes on a trip we ALL have our cameras and take lots of photos.  When we get home we all show each other our photos, and it’s fun to see everyone’s unique perspective. 

So in this post I’m going to show you what I see when I’m in Croatia.  Croaita through my eyes learning to flyCroatia through my eyes motovunCroatia through my eyes heart in the skyCroatia through my eyes behind the cameraCroatia through my eyes the beauty of the seaCroatia through my eyes ancientCroatia through my eyes PlitviceCroatia through my eyes wallsCroatia through my eyes fishCroatia through my eyes people behind the camerasCroatia through my eyes rocky beachCroatia through my eyes on the hilltopCroatia through my eyes rovinj boat tourCroatia through my eyes beautiful seatingCroatia through my eyes photographyCroatia through my eyes ancient writingCroatia through my eyes reflectionCroatia through my eyes ancient ruinsCroatia through my eyes rainbowCheck out my other Through My Eyes!

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