The river flows in you on the guitar

Learning the guitar

While my family and I were in Spain at a Lidl, my dad found a Spanish guitar for only 50 euro.  He got it, and started learning during the evenings.  After a while I started to think that I might like to play guitar.  So I started learning to play the guitar with YouTube videos.  It’s incredible the things that you can learn online.  I had heard a cover for the song The River Flows In You on guitar, and when i heard it I knew I HAD to learn.  So..I did.

I know it’s not perfect but hey, it’s my first song.  😉  I made a few changes to my version of the song.  I had such a great time learning this song.  I love playing the guitar, and I can’t wait to keep on learning.  The tutorial that I learned this song on was so great I just had to share it with you.  Here is the part one, there are more parts that you can continue on to finish the song.

I love playing the guitar so much, it is just such a great hobby to learn.  If you are at all interested in learning to play the guitar, make sure that you start.  The sooner you start the better you will get!  It is a little tricky to learn, but it is worth the effort.  Even if it is hard at first, you just have to keep trying and you’ll get the hang of it!  🙂 Being able to play a musical instrument is such a good skill to learn.  So if you have any interest, start paying attention to what instruments you might like to play, and start! Playing the Guitar

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