The Colosseum Of Pula Croatia

The Arena Of Pula

I love seeing amazing architecture, it’s amazing looking at something so beautiful and just wondering how people built it.  That is how I felt when I saw this in Pula Croatia.  Window in croaitian colosseum

About the colosseum

This is the Pula colosseum, more widely known in Pula as The Arena of Pula.  It was built in the first century AD under Emperor Vespasian.  It could hold 20,000 spectators, and was used for gladiator fights.  colosseum in croatiaSpecial colosseumColosseumIt is amazing the condition that colosseum is in after so many years.  The colosseum is one of the six biggest surviving Roman Arenas.  Isn’t that just amazing?  I loved walking around the colosseum to peek inside and see all the beauty.  Sea outside croatian colosesumAmazing Colosseumin CroatiaI found it amazing that the colosseum is still being used for concerts after so many years!  If you ever find yourself driving by Pula make sure that you stop by to see the colosseum.  Even if you only spend an hour, you will be glad that you did.  It is such an incredible sight and you will love seeing it in front of you.  With so much history and incredibly fun to learn about, there’s no way you want to miss it!Croatian colosseumColosseum in croatiaColosseum Spain architecher

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