Shopping around the world: Lidl

Shopping in Europe

I love shopping in new stores.  It’s amazing how seeing a grocery store somewhere can help you better experience the culture.  I remember the first time I came to Europe, going in a grocery store was so strange.  I mean there were quail eggs for sale!  How weird!  Now, after traveling for so long I see quail eggs, shrimp, or white asparagus and I don’t think anything of it!

I also love how in different places the things you find in the stores change.



Spain- gaseosa

Lake Bled- cream cake

You get the picture.  So I decided it was time to do a post on one of my all time favorite European grocery stores, Lidl.

This is Lidl.  The first time I ever saw I Lidl from the outside -in the dark- I thought it was a toystore.  Now I know better, I know it is the place to buy my favorite chocolates, mint tea, baguettes, olive spread cheese, and of course the best gaspacha olives!

Lidl signlidl europe storeLidl (Lee-dl)

-Lidle started in Germany  in the 1930’s

-It is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe

-Lidl provides the highest quality with lowest costs (and it shows)

aisle in LidlLidl europeLidl storeThere were always such good deals in Lidls, and each time I went I couldn’t wait to choose something new to try.

Bread areafresh breadOne of my favorite things about Lidl is it’s bread.  The fresh baguettes still warm from the oven are mouth watering good.  The perfect ratio of crunchy to soft.

Lidl grocery foodsLidl foodsI also love all the gourmet fancy food that Lidl carries.  I always get excited to go through that aisle.  Especially during the holidays when there is extra special goodies!

cheese in lidlThey also have such a good selection of cheese.  From the classic and always good gouda, to the trieno.  The trieno is a mix of cow, goat, and sheep cheese all in one.  It sounds scary to try, but if you are brave enough, you won’t regret it!

spread cheeseI love that Crefee olive cheese spread, and it goes amazingly with baguettes.  It has such a spectacular olive flavor, it is addictive in the best way! Only .99 too!

yogurt in lidlI love Lidl yogurt.  My favorite is the passion fruit and peach.  I always love a big bowl of musli with that incredible creamy and delicious yogurt.

gnoochi in lidlLidl also does quick to make foods like gnocchi, pasta, pizza, and more!

gaseosa lidlThis is gaseosa, start and you won’t be able to stop!  A sugar free light refreshing drink with a light citrus flavor.  It isn’t too sweet or overpowering, it is my favorite thing to drink!  Sorry water… 😉

shrip in lidlNow I haven’t ever tried shrimp,  But I always noticed what a nice selection of seafood that Lidl has.

store in EuropeI could go on and on about all the things I love about Lidl, there is just so much!  I used to never like going grocery shopping, I didn’t know what I was missing!  It is so much fun shopping in Lidl, I know you will love it too.