Granada Pomegranate Hunt

Granada means ‘Pomegranate’

Did you know that the word Granada means something?  Can’t guess?  Granada means pomegranate!  I didn’t know this the first couple times I was in Granada, but our tapas tour guide Gayle pointed it out to us.  Once you know that you will start seeing pomegranates EVERYWHERE!  Our family, seeing as how competitive we are 😉 made it into a competition to see who could find the most pomegranates during our time in Granada.

There are so many pomegranates!  Most you don’t pay attention too.  They are so obvious you don’t notice them!  After you start looking for pomegranates you will start wondering how you didn’t see them before!We are not sure whether or not this is a pomegranate.  Some people say that it is a pomegranate that the hand is grabbing,  But, nobody really knows for sure.It just adds a little extra fun to you’re trip to Granada.  The great pomegranate hunt, how fun does that sound?  Next time you’re in Granada, start looking for pomegranates and see how many you can find.  My grand record is 23, how many can you find?  Comment below and tell me how many different pomegranates you can find on you’re trip to Granada!

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