DIY: High Low Dress

How to: High Low Dress

I love taking on sewing projects.  So when I found a very simple and beautiful dress I decided I would use it to make another dress like it!  I mean why not?!High low dressThe dress I made by making a pattern I made of the dress turned out like this.Dress RedoIf you want to learn how to make your own pattern from a dress you love, well here’s how!

How to make a dress

1.  Tape a LOT of newspapers together so that you have two big sheets of paper.

2.  Put the dress on one of the sheets and trace out the front of the dress.  However trace about an inch away from the dress so you have sewing making a dress patern3.  Repeat step two with the back of the dress.

4.  Cut out the tracings of the dress. patern for dressdiy dress flowy5.  Pin your fabric to your newly made pattern.  Cut out the front and back of the dress.Patern for high low dress6.  Pin the sides of the dress together inside out.  Then sew up the sides.making a high low dress7.  Fold over a little of the fabric on the edges of the dress on the top and the bottom and pin it in place.  Sew over the fold so that the dress looks much more professional.

That’s it!  Pretty simple right?!  It didn’t take me too long to make and it’s really straight forward.

Kona tried to help me a little too while I was working on the dress.  😉 dog dress konaHere is a few photos of the finished result of my dress.Sewing a DressDress makingHow to make a dressDress Redo

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