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Ever-Pretty Vintage Dress

Ever-Pretty Vintage Let’s face it, vintage is coming back, and I LOVE it. Vintage is one of those classics that just never go out of style.  Like Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe.  It is simply timeless.  So when I was browsing through the multitude of beautiful Ever-Pretty dresses and stumbled across this new […]


Halloween Costume, Audrey Hepburn

DIY Halloween Costume I love Halloween, it’s so much fun to dress up!  That’s probably my favorite part. 😉  Each year I try to think of a interesting and unique costume.  I have dressed up in so many different costumes I have been from a refrigeration to a peacock!  This year I decided to blog […]

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Ever-Pretty Beautiful Dresses

Every-Pretty Dresses With summertime so close, I decided to get a new dress that is chic, beautiful, and perfect for multiple occasions.  I love the dress company Ever-Pretty, I have another dress from them, that I continue to love.  I was looking through all the beautiful dresses of Ever-Pretty and I found this dress that […]

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