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Every-Pretty Dresses

With summertime so close, I decided to get a new dress that is chic, beautiful, and perfect for multiple occasions.  I love the dress company Ever-Pretty, I have another dress from them, that I continue to love.  I was looking through all the beautiful dresses of Ever-Pretty and I found this dress that was perfect for me. Summer4 over creek It’s just stunning isn’t it?  Click here for a link to the dress.  There are so many things about this dress that I love:

-the amazing quality

-fitted waist

-sleeveless (perfect for summertime, and Summer!)

-padded enough that you don’t need a bra

-beautiful backless cut

-pleated skirt which adds even more charm

-full skirt, so twirling is even more fun!Summer front of dresdsSummer backSummer twirling dressConsidering graduation is just around the corner, and summertime is almost here everyone must have a need for a chic dress to wear around.  For parties, fancy dinners, or even just walking around town this dress can be worn almost everywhere and admired by everyone.  I have already gotten many compliments on this dress, and I haven’t even worn it that many places yet!  This dress is a must get, you will feel so pretty (which is Ever-Pretty’s motto ‘Make you pretty forever‘)

Graduation Dresses

Make sure you check out Ever-Pretty’s dresses, they’re gorgeous! HE05090QP-L1





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Check out my photo shoot with my beautiful dress!Summer brick wallSummer wlking stairsSummer on bridgeSummer Smelling flowersSummer sitting on stairsSummer Treesummer over creekSummer on benchSummer leaning on collumsSummer WalkingsSummer in collumsSummer Barcenas


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