Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of those cities that is breathtaking.  While I’m more partial to small less touristy places, Prague was an exception.  With huge amazing buildings on every block your jaw will be dropped the entire time.

The Astronomical Clock

One of the first things that you have to see when you go to Prague is the astronomical clock on the hour so that you can see how it works.  Its funny to see how many people crowd around the clock each hour and how quickly they disperse afterwards.  If you want to take a photo by the clock I’d suggest you come quite a bit before it rings each hour.

St. Charles Bridge

The other big attraction is the St. Charles bridge.  This bridge is huge and besides being incredible for just its architecture its amazing to walk.  There are street vendors, musicians, painters, and more!  Just make sure that you keep a hand on your money, considering the bridge is a pickpocket location.
Another thing that is amazing and fun to do in Prague is hike up to the overlook so that you can see the city and also get some great photos.

Just walking around Prague there is no way you won’t be able to enjoy yourself!  With small markets, musicians on the streets, and all of its wonder it is an incredible place to visit.  If you ever get the chance to visit Prague, make sure you take i because it is one of those places you will never forget.

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