System for pairing down clothes before a trip

How to pair down or pack clothes before going on a trip

One of the hardest things of traveling is letting go of clothes or choosing what to pack. I have developed a system that works very well for figuring out which of your clothes deserve to stay with you and which need to go.

First you should take pictures in all of your clothes. From there go through and make albums of what goes and what stays of the obvious choices. Seeing you in the clothes makes it easier to let go of clothes because some clothes you’ll find aren’t as great as you thought.

Next of all the clothes you think you’ll keep go through and make a album or list of all the clothes combo’s you can do. Some of your clothes will not fit with the rest. While something may be in great shape if it doesn’t go with as many other clothes as the rest, let it go.

Now of the clothes you have to keep try packing it into your bag. If it all fits EASILY then great! You’ve done it! If its hard to pack everything in then you should go through everything again. Trust me, traveling with too much might seem okay in the beginning but it really becomes a hassle.

Good luck with your travels and remember its more about the places and people than the amount of clothes you can stuff in your bag.





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