Coming Home

I’m back in the USA!

I have been back in the USA for about a week now, and has it ever been eventful.  There is something so crazy about going back to the place you grew up, and yet having everything be so different.  The first time we drove into our home town, I started to panic a little bit.  What if I fell back into my old habits?  What if it was too easy to forget everything I loved and experienced on the trip?  There was just too many ‘what if’s.  Memories kept coming back to me from the trip, my favorite moments. Summer NerjaSummer in SpainFriends in GermanyParagliding over franceSintra portugal summerSnape maltings UKEze FranceLagos portugal hikingI’ve been back for a while now, and I’ve finally realized something.  Just because I am settling down for a little while doesn’t mean this is the end of my adventure!  No, this is just the beginning.  I will continue my adventures, in different ways perhaps, but hey, change is good!  I’ll admit I had a REALLY hard time coming home.  It got to the point where it seemed easier to just stay in Europe.  But, it was time to come home.  After all, I had a lot of friends and family I was ready to see again!

Seeing everyone again after so many years was AMAZING to say the least!  I mean when you leave for two years a LOT can and will change.  It is crazy the people I became closer too while being over seas.  Those moments when I saw my family and friends again reminded me why I needed to come back for a while.  I love spending time with everyone so much, will I ever get tired of having so many people that mean so much to me around?

But don’t worry, just because I am settling down for a while doesn’t mean in the least that I am done blogging about my adventures!  Oh no!  In fact, because I am in one place for a while I have MORE time to blog about some of the places I never got the chance to write about!  So keep posted for whats coming, because I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

Thank you again for following me on my adventures, they are far from over.Back in the USA!

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