Lays Olive Potato Chips

Tapas Collection Lays Potato Chips

A few days ago while I was in a grocery store on the French Riviera my little brother had a special request for chips.  Normally we don’t get junk food, however when we saw what bag of chips he was carrying we couldn’t say no.  He was holding a bag of Olive potato chips!

Olive potato chips

I had never even heard that olive flavored chips existed!  Let me just say, these were some of the best chips I’ve ever had!  Now I am partial to dill potato chips but these olive chips could easily give them a run for their money!  These chips did have a very nice Mediterranean olive flavor.  I found out that the Olive flavor is part of a Lay’s Tapas collection.   If you ever get a chance to try these delicious chips they do make a very nice treat.  Even though in our house the bag only lasted about 10 minutes! 😉  Enjoy!


Lays Olive Potato Chips — 8 Comments

  1. I just had these olive tapas chips in Paris and they are WONDERFUL! Are they available anywhere in the U.S.?

    • They are very delicious! I was hoping they were in the U.S as well, however I believe they are only available in France and a few other countries in Europe.