Book Review: Lemonade Mouth

What is Lemonade Mouth about?

I recently read the book and watched the movie Lemonade mouth. In the book the main characters are Olivia the singer, Charlie the drummer, Wen the trumpet, Mo the bass, and Stella the ukelele. The story is told in each of their voices.

Theses characters end up in detention for their various reasons. In detention they end up all playing together and form a band called Lemonade mouth. Throughout the book they each overcome their individual problems and join together as good friends. It was a  good book that shows the highlights of friendship. This book had a good plot however there were a few parts that were dull. This is a good book to read on a rainy day.

In the movie Lemonade mouth the main story was also told by each of the characters. Other than a few minor changes the movie followed the movie very well which usually doesn’t happen very often. Overall this was a pretty good movie defiantly worth watching.

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