La Tranquera, Cordoba

La Tranquera, Cordoba

I love food, and what better way to experience a city than to eat out at a local restaurant? So during my trip to Cordoba Spain I was fortunate enough to be able to eat at La Tranquera. This restaurant is a Argentinean, Spanish, Grill, Fusion. And let me just tell you, EVERYTHING that I tried at this restaurant was incredible!

The restaurant is in a perfect location to stop by for something to eat while sightseeing (located right by the cathedral.) The food prices are incredibly reasonable. All of the staff is friendly and helpful. And one bite of anything that has been prepared at this restaurant and you will be thrilled that you stopped by.

The menu has many different options as well as several very nice vegetarian options.

What we tried:

My brother and I got a chicken empanada and a cheese and tomato empanada. Which were both fantastic. For only about two euro each they were absolutely fabulous!

My mom got the traditional spanish tortilla of patatas. She absolutely loved it and raved about it all day!

My dad got the house special an Argentinian ribeye steak. My poor dad though didn’t get to eat his full meal because it was so delicious that we were all taking bites of it! I don’t think we have ever had such amazing steak before!

For dessert we got a chocolate cake called “Death by Chocolate” Have I ever had a chocolate cake so moist, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth fantastic before? Uh no! This was the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had and I’m considering going back to Cordoba just for that!!!

Luis, the owner of La Tranquera bought and started the restaurant five years ago with his wife. Luis being from Argentina and his wife from Cordoba they started the restaurant of the fusion. They started out being the only workers and with only five tables. Two years later they received a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence (which now they have received three years in a row.) They have expanded so that they have beautiful outdoor seating as well as three rooms for indoor seating. Talk about a success story!

The feel of the restaurant is easy going and homey. I very much enjoyed talking to Luis who spoke very good english and was very friendly. I very highly recommend La Tranquera to anyone in Cordoba. With fantastic food, amazing prices, and in a great location this restaurant is a MUST visit.

La Tranquera
957 787 569
@la_tranquera (twitter)

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