Figuring Out Figs

Trying figs

Now when I was in Croatia, I often saw fig trees growing on trees.  I always wondered how you ate these figs, and what they tasted like.  So I was excited when I finally got the chance!  figs

How to eat a fig:

Pull the hard stem of of the fig.  Gently pinch the bottom of the fig so that it opens more, and eat the sweet pink inside. inside of a figfigs in croatiaeating a figTurns out figs are even better than I thought!  I laugh now thinking of all those times passing figs in stores and not even knowing what they were!  But now I do, and are they ever delicious!  There are many great recipes for figs that sound fantastic too!  Such as baking brie in figs, yum!  Make sure to try figs next time you get a chance, they are fun delicious fruit!

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