De Proeverie ~Tea-Room~ Belgium

This is De Proeverie in Bruges Belgium.

Being the cupcake lover that I am, when I saw this display in the window I knew I HAD to try a cupcake.  I just loved their sign too, “Keep calm and eat a cupcake.” Just standing outside looking at these little cakes made my mouth start to water!  So, naturally I bought one.

It was delicious!  The raspberry frosting was AMAZING!  It was creamy, packed a big punch, and was simply delicious!  The cake was moist and complimented the frosting very well!  🙂 Now, Bruges is packed with chocolate shops.  But, of course it was the only cupcake shop in the village that made my heart sing!  If you are ever in the area you should make sure you get yummy little cupcake.  To make your taste buds dance and leave you drooling for more!

Go get a sweet treat at De Proeverie.


Katelijnestraat 5, 8000 Brugge, Belgium


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