Recipe: Coconut Lemon Cupcakes

Let’s make some killer lemon cupcakes!

Last night I made coconut lemon cupcakes. I got this recipe from my grandad. He is one of the main reasons I  started being  interested in baking when I was very young. At least once a week we would wake up early and make his delicious fluffy biscuits together. I learned many of my baking skills from him. So, when he gave me the link to this recipe I couldn’t wait to try it out.

These cupcakes are a coconut cupcake with a lemon curd and coconut  lemon buttercream frosting. For the recipe click here. These cupcakes are fabulous! However, there is one necessary alteration. The cupcakes ended up being a little too sweet. If you make these cupcakes make sure to cut down on the sugar.

The main cupcake itself tasted just like coconut and was moisten and fluffy. The curd was too sweet. But, would be perfect if there were less sugar. The buttercream frosting was creamy and delicious. Though it too could use a little less sugar as well.

Here are how my cupcakes turned out.

Tips- For the cupcake batter, the recipe calls for 9.6 oz. of cake flour. I didn’t know how to measure that out. So, I found this site to help click here. I used about 2 cups + a little more and my cupcakes turned out perfect. Also, when making the curd make sure you really stir the ingredients well. Once the curd has been microwaved the 5 times take it out and it will thicken up to be perfect. It may smell kind of funny but that is okay it’s just because of the egg yolks.

This recipe was actually on cupcake wars. Cupcake wars is a competition between some of the US’s best cupcake bakers. Here is the episode this recipe was in.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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  1. those sound delicious! I love lemon curd. I have a recipe that I make that we use in aebelskivers. I can’t wait to try these too!