Le Gruyère Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory

I love chocolate. So when I had the chance to go to the Callier Chocolate Factory in Switzerland I took it.  Now I have been on some chocolate factory tours in other places too.  But, this tour blew them all out of the water.  With a fun first 20 minutes that show you the history of chocolate. To the room where you can smell and feel different types of cocoa beans.  To the all you can eat Chocolate Tasting room.  It was well worth the cost.  To visit the website click here.


Chocolate Tasting

The final room of the chocolate tour is the for the chocolate tasting.  They save the best chocolates for last so make sure you don’t have too much before you get to the end.

If you are planning to buy chocolate the best chocolates are not inside the main Callier Factory.  The best specialty chocolates are to the left when you are walking up to the factory in a small building.  They have flavors like dark chocolate passionfruit, milk chocolate citrus verbena, and dark chocolate spice with cinnamon.

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