Arrowhead Chocolate Shop, Oregon

Joseph Oregon If you know of Joseph Oregon then you know what an adorable little town that it is.  The downtown is one road and has more charm then you could ever imagine.  There are metal sculptures of eagles, wolves, and bikes.  The views of the mountains are beautiful, and … Continue reading

Top 10 Desserts In Europe

Desserts Is there anything better after a meal then to try a traditional dessert of the country you are in?  I love trying different classic desserts around Europe, and after a lot of thinking and two years of trying desserts, I was finally able to compile a list of my … Continue reading

Supermercados In Spain

Grocery Shopping in Spain Supermercados (Supermarkets) in Spain have everything.  From pickled white asparagus to a entire pig’s leg.  But, thats not all… There is also entire rows of olive oils and chocolates!  Yum.  🙂 The chocolate is all quality.  No snickers here!  Only truffles and pralines.  Delicious! Dor, so … Continue reading