Foods Around The World: Belgian Chocolate


Who loves chocolate?  I DO!  I decided to do another Food Around The World Post, and what is tastier than chocolate?  I have traveled to over 17 different countries, and I am fairly certain I have had chocolate in each one.  Several countries stand out that have delicious chocolates France, Germany, and Switzerland.  But the country that had the best chocolate overall is Belgium.  The chocolate there was exquisite!  Dark chocolate, pralines, nougat, honeydew, coffee, and more the list of chocolates were HUGE!  Don’t even bother trying to only try a few pieces of chocolate, get a big bag!  You will thank me later. 😉

Belgian ChocolateGuylian Chocolate

I have been missing my special Belgian chocolate a lot lately.  So when a friend shipped me over a box of Guylian chocolate, thrilled doesn’t even begin to express how happy I was!  This is a box of chocolates you can buy at Lidl too, so it is very convenient to get in Europe!  I love this chocolate.  Delicious melt in your mouth pralines, you can’t go wrong there!  best chocolatesChocolates BelgianBelgian ChocolateMake sure to grab a box of Guylian Chocolate Pralines, because trust me they are AMAZING.

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