The Life Of Lucille Ball

A Comedic Genius

Lucille Ball….  She has been my favorite actress since I was about eight years old when my Grandad had me watch my first episode of I Love Lucy.  Now many years later I have seen most of her tv shows and movies and she never ceases to make me laugh.  Whenever I don’t feel well one of the first things I do is start watching either I Love Lucy or Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda’s ‘Your’s, mine, and ours’.

I recently found the book The Life Of Lucille Ball on amazon by Kathleen Brady, and I couldn’t wait to start learning more about the life of my favorite actress.  I got the audio book, and when I started listening I couldn’t stop.  It was so interesting, there was so much I hadn’t known about Lucille.  She had such a difficult life, and yet she still managed to build herself up to stardom.

When I got to the part about I Love Lucy and what happened behind the scenes of some episodes, I couldn’t help but re-watch them in a new light.  I really enjoyed this book, and if you are a Lucille Ball fan, so will you.  It really adds depth to the crazy redhead comedian that brought laughter to so many.  I can highly recommend this book to any Lucy fans.  So make sure to check out The Life Of Lucille Ball.

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Have a good laugh and watch a few of my favorite clips from Lucy!


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