Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Wallowa Lake

I love spending time with my family.  So when we all went to Wallowa lake for the weekend I was very excited.  I have been to Wallowa Lake several times, and each time you find another thing to do!  So I’m going to tell you all about the things you can do in Wallowa that I have found.

Mountains at WallowaWhat to do in Wallowa

See Wallowa lake!

This lake is beautiful.  There are mountains and hills in the distance that make for wonderful photos.  And with how beautiful the water is you may find yourself swimming out to floating docks or skipping rocks.

Walk along the salmon streams.

I LOVE walking along the salmon streams during salmon season.  You can see so many of the red fish swimming and it is such a fun beautiful walk as well.  I would always look forward to it when I was little, and that hasn’t changed at all.  It is a really good family adventure.

Take a tram to the top of the mountain.

Trams are running up the mountain very often, and taking a tram to the top you have a stunning view.  Looking around at the top is amazing.  And who doesn’t love a good tram ride?

Go horseback riding on some of the trails!

The area is beautiful and what’s better than seeing it on horseback?  I have always loved riding horses any chance I get, so this is perfect for any horse lover!

Drive a go kart!

There is now a place at Wallowa where you can drive go karts!  You have to be at least 9 to steer, but if you are under that age you can ride as a passenger.  I was hesitant to try this (as I had never done it before) but it was LOTS of fun.  The company does a very good job at keeping it safe, and I had a great time.

Go mini golfing!

There are two wonderful mini golfing courts at Wallowa.  They are really nice courts as well, it’s fun to walk by and see how much there is!

Drive into Joseph and see the quaint little town.

Joseph is such a beautiful little place, I’ve always enjoyed spending an afternoon there.  There is a chocolate shop, and amazing restaurant Red Horse, and you can go on a cart down the railroad tracks.

There is so much to do in the area, there is much more than the little I mentioned as well.  There are deer EVERYWHERE which is fun too.  Make sure to rent a cabin and spend a while there sometime.  It is such a great place to explore and relax in.  Beautiful water lakedeer wallowaWallowaWallowa LakeLake at WallowaWallowa Mountains

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