Tea and Crumpets

I was in a grocery store a while ago, and guess what I saw!  A little package of Crumpets!  I had never had Crumpets before so I got them and couldn’t wait to see what they were like!  Let me just say, they looked NOTHING like I would have expected!  They kind of resembled a spongy pancake burned at the top with holes in it!

I had no idea how to eat my Crumpet so I did some research to find out some different ways to prepare it.

How to eat a crupmet:

Traditional- Warm the Crumpet and spread either jam, honey, chocolate spread, or lemon curd. Then serve with tea.

Breakfast- Warm the Crumpet with a slice of cheese then top it with some bacon and eggs.

Appetizer- Warm the Crumpet and top it with cheese and tomato or peppers or spread with some Vegemite.

Sandwich- Use two Crumpets as bread and make your favorite sandwich.

I ended up LOVING my Crumpet with some cheese and a egg for my breakfast!  Now Crumpets have found themselves as a necessary to always be in the house. Click here for a link to a recipe for homemade Crumpets!  Enjoy your Crumpets!


Tea and Crumpets — 2 Comments

  1. this made me laugh. Mostly because of your description. 🙂 and hearing dad laugh about it. I for some reason always thought they were like a shortbread cookie. I had no idea they looked like that either. 🙂