Ways To Tie Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina Scarves

Many people have heard of the pashmina scarves.  These scarfs are HUGE right now in a lot of places!  I’ve seen pashminas in all the places I’ve been in Europe and North America!  It’s a small world.  Pashminas top of the perfect outfits, keep you warm, and if tied correctly can be a lot more than just a scarf!

Did you know, that amazingly soft material of the rare 100% pashmina, is wool from the underbelly of Himalayan mountain goats?  It was a surprise for me too!  Pashminas started to become popular in the 15th century.  But, the sales really took off in 1998 when designers started incorporating them into their collections.  Now that pashminas are so popular, most of the scarfs are made from an artificial product.  Or, some are even being made from silk.  So, not many of them are handmade actual 100% pashmina anymore.

Here’s a video on how the pashminas are made in Nepal.

Ways to tie a pashmina scarf!

Pashminas come in so many different colors and patterns.  Its not very likely to run into someone on the street with the same one as you.  Which makes pashminas that much more special.






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