Yuma Arizona: Camel Farm

Attention Animal Lovers

I LOVE animals. So when I had a chance to visit a Camel Farm on the outskirts of Yuma Arizona I jumped for the chance.

Whenever I hear camel I always think  of Mona. Mona is a camel I encountered on  San Juan island. I went to go take a picture by her and she wrapped her neck around me! Scared me half to death! Not many people can  say they have been hugged by a camel! 🙂

One of the things you can buy when you first come in is 1$ treats to hand feed the goats, baby camel, zeedonk, mule, and the donkeys.

This is the baby camel. The only camel on the farm you can hand feed. Its lips are so soft and act like fingers to help it eat.

This is a Coati.  I wanted to pet it really bad until I saw the fangs and the claws. Yeah, that changed my mind. But, I still thinks it’s cute.

This is a zeedonk a cross between a domestic donkey and a zebra. This zeedonk is a female named Xena. Even though she sneezed on me I still couldn’t help but pet her.

This was my second favorite camel on the farm. The baby was my favorite. Judging by the ginormous mouth on this camel this is why you can’t hand feed the big camels.

This mule was my favorite animal on the farm. It was so soft and people friendly. It loved being petted. And it wasn’t sweaty like the other animals.

These donkeys love attention. They ran up to you when you walked to their pen. If you tried to leave they would follow you and bray. They  reminded me of dogs! I want a pet donkey after meeting these sweethearts! <3

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