No Sew: Braided Neckline T-Shirt

No Sew T-Shirt Braided Neckline

Do you have any boring shirts you never wear? I did, it was plain orange with no designs or anything. So I decided to try a simple braided neckline. It was really simple and super cute!

How to alter your t-shirt:

1.  Get a shirt you don’t mind cutting up.

2.  Lay out the shirt and carefully cut 2 inch slits around the neckline.

3.  Take the first strip in one hand, the second strip in the other. Then push the second strip through the first strip. Pull it through. Let go of the first strip.

4.  Continue around the neckline.

5.  Once you are done cut a tiny hole. Cut the final loop in half. Put one of the ends through the hole and push the other end through the braid so both ends are on the inside. Then, tie them together finishing the braid.    *A secure knot is right over left, left over right.*

*I didn’t make thick enough strips on one side so there are some holes. So, really make sure your strips are at least 1 inch wide.*

Tips and tricks~  To make the cutting easier mark out the cut lines in white chalk. Make the first hole very small so that there is not an obvious hole when you are done. If you want more detailed instructions click here.


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  2. Hey Sumi!!!
    Lenorah and I were put in charge of the school newspaper this year, The Waffle. We are both editor in chiefs for the paper and were wondering if you’d like to write some articles for us “on location” in Europe. Email back soon!! Also, because it’s called the Waffle, we were thinking we could use your business plan from last year to help us with t the Waffle page that has different waffle toppings on it. So yeah!!! 🙂
    Hannah and Lenorah.
    p.s. We like the shirt idea 😉