Hair Tutorial: Waterfall Braiding

Impress everyone with your braid!

Today I was in the mood for braiding. So, I did the waterfall braid which is super pretty and really easy to do. It looks really complex but it’s really not! The waterfall braid is a braid worth trying.

How to waterfall braid:

1.   Take three strands of your hair from the side of your part with less hair just like normal french braiding.

2.  Then, do a partial braid and pick up some hair from the strand on the top do another partial braid.

3.  Drop half the  hair from the strand on the bottom and do a partial braid.

4.  Keep repeating in a in a downwards vertical line once you get to the other side. Then secure the braid with a thin ponytail holder.

Here are some pictures from after I finished.

Extra~   If you want to do something more after your braid is finished just gently curl the waterfall strands.

Tips & Tricks- If you have straight silky hair like me you are going to want to spray the braid with hair spray once your done so it doesn’t come undone.  If your braid ends up being too high just push the braid down once your finished.


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  1. Wow, your hair’s so long!! Ok I guess it’s not that long but it’s longer than mine cuz I cut mine off 🙂