Spanish Cultures: Flamenco

I’ve heard a lot about Flamenco in Spain.  I realized, that I don’t actually know anything about it other than its a dance.  So, I did some research and I found out some REALLY interesting things about flamenco!  It turns out that flamenco is not just a dance!  It actually has three main parts.  There is singing, dancing, and a guitarist.

Flamenco is originated music and dance styles from the Arabs, Jews, Andalusians, and Gypsies!  Around 1425 the Gypsies came to Spain bringing with them their unique music and dance styles.  Then, around the 19th century flamenco emerged.  At first flamenco was just a chant or a wail with a beat from tapping of a cane on the floor.  It was passed down for years by solely word of mouth.  It is unknown when the guitar and dancing were added  to flamenco.

In the beginning years of flamenco many people considered flamenco unworthy to even listen to!  Flamenco was only performed in private houses.  But, word started getting around about the strange ways of flamenco and its fame grew throughout the years.  Now flamenco is very famous in Spain and often performed in fiestas, church festivals, private celebrations, restaurants, and even on the street!

I thought it was really interesting about the hand clapping in flamenco!   It is called palmas, and while it looks easy palmas is an art all by itself!

Flamenco is very interesting, I love the elaborate costumes.  Flamenco is now VERY popular in Spain.  There are often flamenco costumes outside of little shops in the villages.  I think flamenco is beautiful, and I hope someday I will be able to see it in person.


I was recently able to see a flamenco show in person!  It was amazing, a must try in Spain.  Here is the video I took of the show I saw.

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