Mediterranean Sea

Fun Facts: The Mediterranean Sea!

I love water, always have.  So, being able to go to the Mediterranean often is amazing!  I did some research on the Mediterranean to find out more about it.  I found some REALLY interesting things that I had never known!

The Mediterranean was evolved from the breakup and collision of the European and African plates, though the date is unknown.  The Mediterranean is an almost land locked sea, which explains its limited tides.  The name Mediterranean means “middle of the earth”.  The Mediterranean has been known by many different names.  One of them being “Mare Nostrum” which is what the Romans called it, meaning “our sea”.

It turns out that the Mediterranean is the home to some protected species, such as the bottle-nosed dolphin and the loggerhead turtle.  I have always had a fascination with those two species so I thought that was really cool.

Here is a picture that shows some of the different fish that live in the Mediterranean
Turns out, the Mediterranean supplies 30% of the worlds fish for consuming.  Two of the most popular kind of fish fisherman go after are sardines and swordfish.
The deepest part of the Mediterranean is the “Calypso Deep” and it is 17,280 ft. deep (5,267 meters).   Unfortunately, the Mediterranean has a high pollution level due to oil and chemical spills. 🙁 Some of the major rivers that run to the Mediterranean are The Nile, The Ebro, and The Rhone.  Also some of the islands that are on the Mediterranean are Crete (Greece), Sicily (Italy), and Corsica (France).
I loved finding out all of these interesting facts about the Mediterranean.  🙂


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