Who do you want to be?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

When I was little my mom told me that I should be careful who I spent time with.  That it was an important decision that should be made wisely.  At the time I didn’t think about it so deeply.  But as I age, I think about this and realize how true it is.  I try to surround myself with people who both inspire me, but I feel I can also help in my own way.

Surround yourself with people you strive to be like.

I think about my friends, and they inspire me.  Each one of my closest friends has something about them that I admire.  Everyone has a part of their character that makes them special.  So let me tell you about the people that take up space in my heart.

My “cheerleader” friend:

I have a friend who is the happiest person you will ever meet.  HUGE personality and does not try to be anyone but themselves.  I strive to be like that, sometimes it is hard to be yourself in certain situations.  But this friend is not afraid to be silly, this makes me feel comfortable and helps bring me out of my shell.  Blasting Weird Al songs in the car and having red light dance breaks, uhmmm yes please!  This friend doesn’t judge anyone.  They can find the good in anyone.  They aren’t afraid to talk to strangers, and bring out the good in everyone.  Whenever I am nervous about an art show, or need someone to cheer me up, I can always count on them to have me smiling and singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs in no time.  It’s very hard to stay sad when you are with your cheerleader.

My “blunt” friend:

This is the friend that will always call me out when I am in the wrong.  This is the person that I go to when I want to know the truth and I know I will get it from them.  They won’t sugar coat anything, they will tell me when I made a mistake and they won’t try and make me feel better about it.  They are honest.  And while sometimes you don’t want to hear the truth, you need to.  This person is strong, and will not give you a half-hearted compliment on anything.  You know when they are telling the truth.

The “open minded insightful” friend:

This is who I go to when I want to talk about everything and nothing.  There is nothing in the world that is taboo or a sore subject.  This friend judges no one, and will give you the most insightful views on things that you had never considered before.  You feel your mind expanding when you talk to them, and it is a wonderful thing.  Sitting at a bar over wine, talking about everything, no one can have a conversation like the open minded friend.  It’s the person you trust to tell everything to and you can talk with for hours on end.

The “on the same path” friend:

This is the friend that has the exact same beliefs and goals as you.  The person who truly understands everything that you are striving to be and accomplish.  This is the friend who can help give you learned lessons and advice on your work.  The person who you can geek out with without having to afterwards explain what you were talking about, or seeing their eyes glaze over.  This person understand you.  They will give you a kick in the butt when you are slacking, and you inspire each other.

The “on and off” friend:

This is the friend that you have known the longest, you may not talk every day, or even every year.  But they know you more than anyone.  They have known you the longest and even though you don’t talk all the time, when you catch up, it is like no time has passed.  You both always have each others back, and even when you aren’t always in contact you think about each other often.  They are that childhood friend that lasted.  And you will both always be there for each other.

So who do you strive to be?

Who in your life inspires you, makes you want to be better.  Who always picks you up when you are feeling low, or reminds you how amazing you are?  Friends are unique, they are all snowflakes, no two are alike.  That’s why they are so special and dear, so hold them close and appreciate the people who make you, you.

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