Camino De Iznajar

Walking Camino De Iznajar

I love a nice long walk.  So when I found that the house we were staying at in Spain was right on the camino de Iznajar, I was thrilled!  I started walking the trail into Iznajar once a day, I couldn’t resist!  It was such a serene, beautiful, and amazing place to walk!  Camino de iznajar walkingOlives camino de iznajarCamino de iznajar


The trail was lined with olive groves that wove all the way up the hills, you could often see men up on the hills harvesting the olives.  They harvested the olives by laying down tarps around the tree they were working on.  Then they either used a tree shaking machine, or manually used big sticks to hit the limbs of the tree and make the olives fall.  Ripe olives in SpainOlives ready to be harvested
There were also several different creeks that ran through the trail.  Some lined with big fluffy river plants.  Others were small and muddy with big fat frogs that would jump when you walked by with a big plop.  CreekCreek Spain

There were beautiful wild flowers all along the walk, and I couldn’t resist taking pictures.Camino De Iznajar2Camino de Iznajar spainYellow flower

Villa Nueva De Tapia

The trail is fairly flat most of the way till you start getting very close to Villa Nueva De Tapia.  Then the path goes a lot steeper and gets a little more exhausting.  But, when you get to this point don’t worry!  Look up to the left hand side of the trail and you will start seeing some buildings!  El camino de iznajarWalking up to villa nueva de tapiaVilla Nueva de TapiaV de Tapia
Once you get into Villa Nueva de Tapia just look around!  It is a lovely little town with friendly people and a charming sleepy-village-feel to it.  After your time in Villa Nueva de Tapia the walk back down the trail seems like nothing!  It is easier and goes by faster than you would expect.  I didn’t end up walking the other direction towards Iznajar, however I certainly loved my time in Villa Nueva De Tapia!Spaniish Village
I love this walk so much, it is just so quiet and peaceful.  If you are in the area, I suggest just taking an afternoon to leisurely walk this trail.  You will really enjoy your time, and have a wonderful time with many fantastic pictures.   Camino de iznajar3Olive Groves

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