Hair Tutorial: Waterfall Braiding

Impress everyone with your braid! Today I was in the mood for braiding. So, I did the waterfall braid which is super pretty and really easy to do. It looks really complex but it’s really not! The waterfall braid is a braid worth trying. How to waterfall braid: 1.   Take three strands of your hair […]

Restaurant Reviews USA

Barfly at La Jolla, California

Best Breakfast in La Jolla, California I am a foodie, and when I find a great restaurant I can’t help but share it with the world.  My family and I went out to eat at the restaurant Barfly in La Jolla California, it was amazing.  There was live music, great food, and really friendly waiters. […]


Hair Tutorial: Hair Twisting

What Is Hair Twisting? Hair twisiting is another variation of braiding.  It is extrememly simple and easy to learn.  You could do hair twisting for a formal dinner, a day out, or just to keep your hair out of your face. Its definitely something worth trying out. Plus, if you sleep with your hair like […]

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