The Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea


Who loves going to the beach?

I do!  Is there anything better than a turquoise, crystal clear, beautiful sea? blue adriaticThe Adriatic sea which is a section of the Mediterranean, is a beautiful place.  You can see fish, seagulls, and even sometimes jelly fish!  I love spending summers by the beach in Croatia!  There is something about living on the sea shore that gets to you, it is just so amazing, and a great place for fun!Jumping for joySeagulls taking flightThe Adriatic has many stunning islands that are incredible to explore on the Rovinj boat tour.  You learn so much history, see so much beauty, and best of all… have a great time!Croatian islandsHouses on the adriaticCliff jumping in the adriaticThere are so many different aspects to The Adriatic that are hard to describe so, I’ll show you. Rocks on the beachcurling waveseagullboat at seaSun on the adriaticCan you tell yet what an amazing place it is?  I don’t think anyone could dislike spending lazy days on the beach reading a book beside this!The Adriatictramponine waterI know I love it!  I had such a great time spending days on the beach.  I liked it best when it got to the end of summer and tourists started to clear out.  ???????????????????????????????Summer at the adriaticUsually when there is a storm outside I just stay indoors and wait it out till the sun comes back out again.  But on The Adriatic, I loved the storms!  The clouds make fantastic photos and it was just so beautiful! Summer in Croatiatramponine waterJust in general everything about the Adriatic is amazing.  Make sure that someday you go to Croatia and spend a while soaking up the sun and watching the waves!  You will be glad you did. Croatian islands

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