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Universal studios animal actors

Universal studios animal actors

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Universal studios

Universal Studios is a amazing place. There are rides, movies, and a tram ride. Here are some tips for if you ever go to Universal.

Some of the best rides at Universal Studios are:
Jurassic park: A wet ride through dinosaur infested waters.
Transformers ride 3d: A action packed 3d adventure with the transformers.
Revenge of the mummy roller coaster: A fast roller coaster with skeletons.

All the shows at Universal studios were fantastic. The animal actors was my favorite though and afterwards you can pet some animal stars like the border collie in The Hotel For Dogs and the dog in Marly And Me.

Also, make sure you ride the tram ride. You can see the sets of movies and see some really cool effects such as the 3d king kong in a tunnel , a earthquake, visit a Egyptian tomb, see a flood, and watch a shark cause chaos.

Overall, Universal Studios is a fantastic place worth visiting.

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Universal studios animal actors

Universal studios whoville

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