Disney Land California

Tips and Tricks for Disney Land California

Disney Land is a place for everyone to enjoy. There are rides, disney characters, and movie themed places to see and climb on.

Some things to remember are:

If you don’t push it, you are allowed to bring some small snacks and a water bottle in the park.

Make sure you bring a camera to remember all of your fabulous memories.

And, make sure you ride all the rides you can.

Some of the best rides at Disney are…
Pirates Of The Caribbean: A boat ride through scenes of the movie.
Peter Pan: A ride through the robotic scenes of the movie.
Jungle Cruise: A fun boat trip to see some “animals”.
Big Thunder Mountain Railway: A fast train roller coaster.

Over all Disney is a fun place for all ages. Make sure you stay late enough to see the fireworks show! 🙂



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