Quinta da Regaleira Sintra Portugal

Sintra Portugal

Sintra, a beautiful town filled with charm and beauty.  I’m one of those people who typically prefers the small sweet towns and villages over huge busy cities.  Which means I loved Sintra walking around the quaint town and walking through a forest trail was spectacular and I got some awesome photos.


Before you come to Sintra check the weather.   After spending a day in Sintra and being a human popsicle the whole time I had to remind myself the same thing. 😉  Also if you are planning on taking a taxi or a bus into Sintra check the prices because while a bus might be cheaper for one person the taxi can be cheaper for four people.  Of course when ever you travel anywhere ALWAYS bring a camera.


Quinta da Regaleira gardens

One of my favorite places I visited in Sintra was the Quinta da Regaleira and it is beautiful.  Make sure you have lots of time to spend here because there is a LOT to see.

Every different place in the gardens is spectacular.  There are vibrant beautiful plants and little ponds and even amazing underground tunnels!

My favorite place was the Initiation Well.  How it looks on the outside and then the breathtaking views inside.

Inside the palace

The palace is amazing.  The details in every room is astonishing.  The first room’s floor is a huge mosaic.  Each room had a different design on the doors, floor, and ceiling.  I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have the huge house, gardens, and well everything!

I really loved being able to spend a few hours in the Quinta da Regaleira.  This place is fantastic if you ever get a chance to visit make sure you come on by.  With the beautiful forested gardens and palace some people call this place the enchanted garden.  When you get there and can experience the beauty you’ll be able to think of it the same way.  Because it really is what comes to mind when you think of a charming enchanted garden.


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  1. Hi Summer, great article and picture in the Walla Walla UB. I didn’t know you had a website. I hope you’re comfortable with old people reading your posts. Enjoy!