Oktober Fest, Munich

Oktober fest

Last night I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the last day of Oktober fest in
Munich! I had always thought that Oktober fest was something I couldn’t go too
because of all the drinking involved. But it was the last day, and everything was less
crowed, at the biggest place Oktober fest is celebrated, and everything was fine!

I actually had a really great time! Its a little overwhelming at first because so much is
going on. But as soon as you get used to it there’s a LOT to do and have loads of fun!
There are rides all over that are the most extreme I’ve ever seen in my life. A lot of
people dress up to go to Oktober fest in traditional German clothes which is a lot of
fun to see.

We were fortunate enough to be able to go into the Oktober fest with a couple who
grew up here. They were able to point out the traditional games and rides, show us
some of the best food, as well as teaching us some of the history along the way!

The rides

At Oktober fest there are two types of rides the modern rides and the traditional rides.
The modern rides were all extreme and fun to watch.
Then there were the traditional rides that fascinated me.

One of all the traditional game where there is a wood wheel in a tent and a bunch of
different people try to stay on while the wheel turns really fast. There is also an
announcer that makes fun of the people and a bunch of people in bleachers watching
too. Once someone is on the wheel for a long time they start trying to make things
harder with a huge swinging ball to get in their way.

This is a game where you hit a platform with a hammer and it shoots something up to
see how strong you are. The people said about the strategy more than strength. Also
that its fun to watch all the “tough guys” go up there expecting to win and having such
a hard time till they figure it out.

The food

We were shown some different kinds of foods that were delicious. Some nuts
covered in sugar and cinnamon that were still warm. Potatoes dipped in applesauce
(my personal favorite.) Noodles with cheese and fried onions. And of course the
beer, the smallest you can get is on liter! The drinking age in Germany is 16 to buy it
yourself. But with a parents permission you are allowed to have some. Also we were
able to try a German soda which is lemonade mixed with root-beer called Spritsy (or
something like that.)

We were shown the inside of the tents where beer and food is served. This is one of
the small tents.

Overall I had just a fantastic time. I can now say I’ve been to Oktober fest! I have
to say its something you have to try if you have the chance. All the different smells
of sugar and meat. The bright blinking lights. Loud music at each different stand or
ride. It was a fantastic experience and I know I’ll remember it forever.


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