Le Gruyère, Switzerland

Le Gruyère

My all time favorite kind of cheese is Gruyère.  The first time I ever had Gruyère was in Paris and I loved it from the first bite.  So I was thrilled when I got to visit the Village where it was made.  Gruyère is a medieval village in Switzerland.

Throughout History Gruyére has been occupied by the Helvetians, Celts, and Romans.  Cows were allowed to graze on the mountainside.  The Romans have been known for their cheese making and pretty soon Gruyère started being known for its famous cheese.

The Gruyère Castle

Walking around Gruyère is amazing.  But, to get the full experience of the village you should make sure to visit the Castle.  Inside the castle there is so much history you can learn.  There are also many beautiful views of the countryside.

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