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I recently got a Piddle place for my dog, Kona.  I have to say, it is a great product!  The piddle place is an indoor dog toilet that is marvelous for people with dogs who live in apartments, are potty training, or for travel!  The piddle place is perfect for Kona because of all the travel that we do.  That way there is always a sanitary portable place for Kona to go to the bathroom. Dog indoor toiletKona The Piddle PlaceDo you want a close up of the piddle place to better understand how it works?  Well, here it is!  Make sure to click here to read how to use the piddle place!Fake grass from teh piddle placeThe piddle place for dogsI love that the piddle place is portable, because it makes it so much easier to bring with you when you travel.  The enzyme treatment is of course important as well.  Don’t forget the splash guard either, because lets be honest it’s better to be safe than sorry. The Piddle place coverlogoTeh piddle place extraEnzyme treatmentI think that the piddle place will be great for Kona, and I think it is a great solution for dogs.  It’s also great how much more environmentally friendly the piddle place is!  Make sure that you check out the piddle place for your pets!

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