How to: Lavender Wand

How to: Lavender Wand

I love the smell of fresh lavender.  I used to have a lavender wand and I loved it.  I decided it was time to make a new one.

Here’s how to do it.

What you need:
– At least 15 stalks of lavender
– One long ribbon of your choice
– Scissors

How to make a lavender wand:

1.  Cut at least 15 long stalks of lavender.

2.  Put the ribbon in the center of the lavender.  (Have the ribbon at the stems only go to where the stems end.  You want the majority of the ribbon to be at the top.)  Tie the lavender together at where the flower ends.

3.  Take all of the stems of lavender and gently bend them over the top of the flowers and tie the ends together.  So that it looks like this.  Then, cut off the flowers sticking out of push them into the center.

4.  Now use the ribbon at the top and start weaving it over under style through the stems.  Keep weaving till your at the end.  Now just tie the two ends of the ribbon together.

5.  Your done!  Now just put the wand wherever you want to smell the beautiful flowers!

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