Lavender water

Lavender water

Lavender water

I love drinking flavored water.  Unfortunately its not usually the healthiest in the least.   I’ve had access to a LOT of lavender and I thought “Hey, I love the smell of lavender!  I wonder if it tastes good too!”  So I tried to make a lavender water tea.  Turns out this is delicious!  Here’s how you can make it too.

What you need:

10 stalks of lavender (washed)
5 cups of water

How to make Lavender water:

1.  Cut of the stems of the lavender and make sure the flowers are well washed.

2.  Put the lavender in a pot with the water and boil till the water turns a dark golden color (as well as the lavender).
3.  Strain the water to take out all the flowers.  Let cool and drink!


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