My Favorite Game Apps

My Favorite Game Apps

Best Game apps for Teens

As you probably know there are a lot of game apps out there and knowing some good ones is always nice. Here is a list of my favorite game apps not in any particular order. Please comment your favorite apps list too! 🙂

1.  Temple Run

temple run is a fast paced running game where you have to slide, jump, and turn to try  to survive.

2.  Where’s My Water?

a game where you try to create paths for the water avoiding the plants and poison to get to the bathtub.

3.  Cut the rope

you try to cut the correct ropes in the right order avoiding spikes and using bubbles.

4.  Words with friends

a variation of scrabble with your friends online.

5.  Plants vs. zombies

a strategy game using different plants to kill zombies.

6.  Picture collage

a collage making app where you can use different backgrounds, stickers, pictures, and Google images to create collages.

7.  Restaurant story

a restaurant game where you choose what food to make, customize your restaurant, make friends, and earn money to buy more stoves.

8.  Glow draw

you can draw in different colors and your doodles glow!

9.  Glow hockey

you play an air hockey game with the computer with a glowing puck.

10. Are you smarter than a 5th grader

you get to play the game competing with other online players to see who is smarter than a 5th grader.

11.  Shopaholic world

you travel to different country’s and use your daily 500$ to buy clothes, shoes, jewelry,  and more!

12.  Sketchbook express

you can doodle with pencils, markers, paint, and more with lots of different colors.

13.  Cupcake maker

you mix, bake, and decorate cupcakes.

14.  Logo quiz

fun quizzes to see how well you really know logos.

15.  Farm frenzy

a challenge game to try to collect a certain amount of milk, eggs, flour, and more in the given time.



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